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Non-Citizens Rolling into a SMSF

Nov 27, 2015

Non-citizens are encountering difficulties rolling funds into their SMSF - the identification required mostly pre-supposes Australian citizenship, and discriminates against foreigners.

The ATO form, NAT 74662, which is used to initiate a rollover to a self managed superannuation fund requires one of the following:

  • An Australian passport
  • a drivers license issued under state or territory law
  • a birth certificate or birth extract issued by a State of Territory of Australia
  • a citizenship certificate issued by the Commonwealth
  • a pension card issued by Centrelink

No form NAT74662 and specified ID, no rollover!

Diaspora Legal is seeking the review of current schedule 2B to the Superannuation  Industry Supervision regulations which clearly discriminate needlessly on the basis of nationality.



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