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Interplay of Foreign State Immunity and Foreign Judgments Act In Australia

The High Court of Australia has considered the interplay of customary public international law and Australian statutes in the enforcement of a foreign judgment in Australia against the assets of a foreign state located in Australia

Are China's "Traditional Fishing" Rights Really so fishy?

The legal position between China and Indonesia has some nuances. Conflict could arise if, similarly with the conflict with Australia over the execution of its citizens, Indonesia's foreign policy again relies on an overly simplistic notion of sovereignty.

s41 Protection of the Commonwealth Franchise

The High Court in R v Pearson; Ex Parte Sipka (1983) 152 CLR 254 purported to limit the protection to a person's right to vote in Commonwealth elections afforded by s41. But is the limitation overstated? Is there a practical protection which remains avail…

Indonesia Systematises Processing of Letters Rogatory

The Indonesian Supreme Court has entered into a memorandum of understanding with the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs as to the processing of letters rogatory from foreign courts.

White v Spithas (No 4) [2016] DCSA 14

Order may be construed with reference to reasons in case of ambiguity - order could be reconciled with reasons - order construed on its face judgment debt payable by the defendant not subject to deductions referable to plaintiff's property

Full Court of Family Court Upholds Validity of Potentially Polygamous Foreign Marriages

Amendments to the Marriage Act define marriage as the union of one man and one woman entered into for life. A decision of a single judge of the Family Court of Australia following those amendments to the Marriage Act refused to recognise the validity of a…

Uang Tangung Jawab oleh Bapak Australia

Kelau ada anak oleh bapak Australia wajib dia kasih uang makan dan untuk kehidupan anak, walapun belum nikah sah. Diaspora Legal bias bantu dapat uang sebulan itu.