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Diaspora Legal can represent persons facing extradition from Australia to a foreign country.
Extradition (Republic of Indonesia) Regulations Extradition While not strictly an international law matter, extradition law has international law aspects and draws upon an…


Diaspora Legal memberi nasihat dan memberikan perwakilan untuk membela klien dalam proses ekstradisi
Extradition (Republic of Indonesia) Regulations Ekstradisi Diaspora Legal dapat membantu Anda dalam permasalahan Ekstradisi yang Anda alami. Ekstradisi adalah penyerahan orang…

Scrutiny of Government

Review and interaction with government
Scrutiny of Government Action Scrutiny of government arises in a variety of scenarios: - information gathering, planning, licensing, immigration, extradition, criminal law,…

Extradition in the Brisbane Magistrates Court

A glimpse of extradition proceedings as conducted in the Brisbane Magistrates Court

Freedom of Information

Freedom of Information laws exist in all Australian and Indonesian jurisdictions. These laws provide a structured pathway for requesting access to documents held by government and correcting government records.