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Visas and Domestic Violence

Diaspora Legal has yesterday overturned a decision of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal on the basis that the independent expert appointed by the AAT did not understand and apply the correct test of relevant family violence in the Immigration Regulations. The AAT is ordered to decide the question of our client's partner visa according to law.


While not strictly an international law matter, extradition law has international law aspects and draws upon an understanding not only of Autralia's extradition laws but upon foreign law, international law and administrative law concepts. It is both a multi-disciplinary area of law and a field of its own.

Federal Court Quashes AFP Commissioner Decison not to Investigate Pauga Complaint about AFP Conduct of His Arrest

The Federal Court of Australia has quashed a decision of the AFP Commissioner declining to investigate a complaint of our client, Talalelei Paga, who has complained about the conduct of the arresting officer not taking him before a magistrate as soon as practicable following his arrest. It was over a month before Mr Pauga appeared in court.