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English Translations of Thai Laws

A handy link to English translations of Thai laws often encountered by foreigners and expatriates

Equity Acts Internationally

In a recent settlement of litigation, Diaspora Legal obtained a declaration of the Supreme Court of South Australia that a document, executed in Indonesia, and which had been used in circumstances objected to by our client, was void ab initio. The court a…

Nasty! Vanilla Discretionary Trusts and Foreign Takeovers Rules

If you have an extended family which includes foreigners, here is a real nasty contained in the Foreign Acquisitions and Takeovers regulatory Structure. Check out the new example of a foreign person for whom it is a criminal offence to acquire an inter…

Interplay of Foreign State Immunity and Foreign Judgments Act In Australia

The High Court of Australia has considered the interplay of customary public international law and Australian statutes in the enforcement of a foreign judgment in Australia against the assets of a foreign state located in Australia

Legal Enforcement of Cross-Border Disputes in Indonesia

While Indonesia is a signatory to the 1958 United Nations Convention on Foreign Arbitral Awards ("the New York Convention"), obtaining an award is only the first step in a series of processes to obtain enforcement in the Republic of Indonesia

Legal Convergence in Asia

An upcoming conference addressing the need for communication and certainty amongst Asia's legal systems.

What are International Law Obligations?

A submission in an extradition matter explaining what obligations in international law are and how they arise

International Wills

To simplify succession law in Australia, the Australian Government acceded to the Convention Providing a Uniform Law on the Form of an International Will 1973 which entered into force for Australia on 10 March 2015. All states and territories have passed …

Are China's "Traditional Fishing" Rights Really so fishy?

The legal position between China and Indonesia has some nuances. Conflict could arise if, similarly with the conflict with Australia over the execution of its citizens, Indonesia's foreign policy again relies on an overly simplistic notion of sovereignty.

Diaspora Legal

We have begun practising under the name Diaspora Legal. The name is chosen to give, alongside our southern cross logo, a sense of the practice direction in supporting the various diasporas which come into contact with Australian law. These can be the Aust…

Border Protection Demanding Surrender of Australian Passports

Australia's Department of Immigration and Border Protection officers are from time to time demanding the surrender of Australian passports from their holders. An Australian passport can be a valuable document, and in the face of a uniformed officer demand…