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Process Service throughout Indonesia


Diaspora Legal offers professional process service throughout the Republic of Indonesia.

Where it is necessary for documents to be translated into the Indonesian language for service within Indonesia, Diaspora can arrange the translation by qualified or sworn (official) translators recognised within Indonesia.

Service within Jakarta, Bali or Surabaya is regarded as routine. Our service standard is that the first service attempt is made within 24 hours of receipt. Service outside these areas or with special circumstances is by further arrangement. We are here to help, but Indonesia is a vast archipelago and services outside the standard will require a bespoke arrangement.

Pricing components are inbound handling and registry, service attempts, distance fee, affidavits of service and return delivery. Affidavits are sworn before a notary public under their seal as part of the standard service.

Swearing affidavits of service before consular representatives, or legalisation of the notarial signature and seal can be done for an extra fee. Please see elsewhere on this site for legalisation.

The up front payment fee is required for inbound registry and the first service attempt, an affidavit of service or attempted service before a notary public and return delivery of hard copy affidavit by FedEx.

We will not serve process which purports to convey the command of a foreign state or power. That is, we will not serve a foreign summons, injunction or subpoena as opposed to an application, notice of hearing or request. If in doubt, you should contact us for legal advice.


For service options outside our standard process service, please call one of our offices below