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Dillemmas of Advice

Jul 19, 2014

Loss of Control

A major cost for clients entering an advising relationship is the potential loss of control over their affairs, their businesses or their lives. Once on the scene, the advisor has the potential to influence matters that were once the client's alone to control. 

Loss of Status

In seeking advice a client acknowledges an inability to deal with a problem. Experienced managers often resist suggestions that they hire management consultants for this reason. "What can a consultant tell me that I don't already know?", is their common response. 

Loss of confidentiality

To operate effectively, an advisor needs information about the client, and an advisor's first task is usually to secure that information. This transfer of information creates the risk that the client will lose confidentiality and that other persons - competitors, enemies and the general public - will obtain that information and use it to the detriment of the client.

Loss of Time

While the intervention of an advisor may slow down or stop a reckless act, it can also delay or obstruct a needed decision. Finding an advisor and obtaining advice is a time consuming process that can in some cases become a justification for procrastination.

Greg Finlayson overcomes these issues through empowering clients with advice, bringing status to the decisions to be made, strictly adhering to and protecting client confidentiality with client legal privilege and providing advice in an agile and time-effective manner.

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