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e.discovery process

Why utilise technology in a discovery or litigation matter? The  answer lies in the time savings that can be realised if large volumes of   documents are to be sorted, catalogued, indexed, analysed and  ultimately presented to the hearing. The two types of discovery methods are:

  • Electronic document processing – processing files that are  sourced in electronic format; due to the often immense volume of  electronic files, these need to be “culled” and de-duplicated to a  manageable level to enable review to take place by the legal team.
  • Document imaging and coding (for hard copy documents) –  barcoding and electronically scanning pages received from various  sources, objectively coding documents and uploading these to a  litigation-ready support system.

Greg has a very strong background in information technology project management combined with Masters level studies in federal litigation and practical legal experience conducting multi-party litigation.

Greg implents similar techniques in setting up data rooms, deal rooms and due diligence processing on transactions.