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TNY Joins the Diaspora

Diaspora Legal is pleased to announce the beginning of a relationship with the Thailand office of TNY Legal Co. TNY Legal has combined resources of Japanese and Thai lawyers with general commercial experience and experience in dealings into Myanmar.

Diaspora - Surabaya

Surabaya joins the Diaspora

Justice Reform in South Australia - The History You Don't Know

Compulsory arbitration, why were grand juries abolished in South Australia, re-instatement of jury trials, the power of parliament to remove a judge for misconduct, parliament's power to interfere with property rights, access to justice, uniform civil procedure and a national railway system - South Australia is still agitating the issues raised by Justice Boothby in the 19th Century. My great-great aunt Rebecca Teague was Justice Boothby's private secretary and he was indeed remembered as urbane and civil despite the narrative to the contrary on our Supreme Court website.

Chona Habibi

Chona Habibi