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Bali and your SMSF

Using your self-managed superannuation fund to invest in Indonesia's growth economy is a choice which warrants professional advice on both sides of the Indian Ocean.

Not only must you secure the long term benefit of your investment in compliance with Indonesian law, you must do so in a way which complies with Australian superannuation and taxation laws so as to preserve the Australian special taxation status applicable to complying superannuation funds. As a matter of practicality, investment needs to be done in a manner which is responsive and user-friendly to the Australian auditors of your fund.

As one example, only Indonesian citizens may own full title to land in Indonesia, while foreigners who are domiciled in Indonesia may own a right to use land, they may also inadvertently subject themselves to the Indonesian taxation system in the process.

Diaspora Legal maintain strong professional relationships with custodians, accountants and lawyers in both Australia and Indonesia, and can advise on and co-ordinate your SMSF investment in Indonesia.

Non-Residence and SMSF