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Aggrieved and insulted by something someone has said or texted or printed about you or a loved one can get you all riled up and ready to litigate. What you need is good advice about how to get what you really need out of the situation - and while that be nothing a cheque wouldn't cure that is often not the case and the situation may call for some subtlety or may call for the biggest cheque that can be written.

Defamation law in Australia has undergone some changes to make it "National", although different states will give you different options for trial - NSW and Victoria having jury trials available.

In all cases  an initial letter should be written outlining your concerns about what has been said or written or texted as the case may be. A "concerns notice" has a special place in defamation law as it will provide limits on the opportunity for a publisher to make amends before the costs of their conduct really start to be a major consideration.

The first step is a conference with Greg Finlayson to obtain advice and have a concerns notice written and served.