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Certification of Binding Financial Agreement


Certification of a binding financial agreement by a lawyer is not simply a matter of "witnessing a signature".

Proper independent legal advice must be given over and above the advice which normally accompanies advice on the meaning and effect of a document being executed by a client.

Greg Finlayson will undertake this work, but it is not perfunctory.

The work to be undertaken will involve:

  1. Placing funds in trust.
  2. A conflict of interest check.
  3. Signing a specific retainer agreement.
  4. Providing a copy of the proposed binding financial agreement.
  5. An attendance with the client ensuring the client understands the meaning and effect of the document.
  6. Testing the client's understanding of the document against a range of possible future scenarios.
  7. Due diligence against duress or undue influence
  8. A fee for the advice.
  9. A fee for certification.